Welcome To The Level 1 Taekwondo Syllabus Online

Welcome to the Level 1 Taekwondo Syllabus online. 

Your instructor on this course is Master David Venkatachellum. He is a 6th Dan in both Chung Do Kwan & Kukkiwon Taekwondo. He is also the founder and Chief Instructor Of Tan'Gun Taekwondo Academy. You are in very good hands.

This course contains all the information you will need in order to be able to grade up to 7th Kup (Yellow Belt, Green Stripe) at Tan'Gun Taekwondo Academy.

You will get access to over 30 videos carefully outlining every important point and detail with step by step instructions. Almost as if you were there having a 1 to 1 Private Class with Master David yourself.

If you need any help, please contact us by email.... admin@teachmartialarts.co.uk 

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Tan'Gun Academy Level 1 Beginners course in Taekwondo.

  • 2

    Syllabus Grades 1-3 PDF

    • Syllabus Grades 1-3

  • 3


    • Punching Correctly

    • The 4 Basic Stances

    • The Taekwondo Bow

    • The 4 Basic Blocks

    • The 4 Basic Kicks

    • Self Defence - The 4 Basic Breakaway Techniques

    • Holding The Floppy Pad Correctly

  • 4

    9th Kup Grading Requirements

    • Understanding the basic movements behind Poomsae Kibon 1

    • Putting The Sequences Together

    • Poomsae Kibon 1

    • The Fundamentals Of Five Step

    • Five Step

    • Footwork 1

    • Footwork 2

    • Adult & Cadet Syllabus Only - The Joint Lock Flow To Full Nelson

    • Breaking The Board With A Palm Heel Strike

  • 5

    8th Kup Grading Requirements

    • Five step - Level 2

    • Poomsae Kibon 2

    • Footwork 1

    • Footwork 2

    • Adult & Cadet Syllabus Only - The Joint Lock Flow - All The Way Through

    • Breaking The Board With A Lunge Punch

  • 6

    7th Kup Grading Requirements

    • Five Step - Level 3

    • Tae Geuk IlJang

    • Footwork 1

    • Footwork 2

    • Footwork 3

    • Defence Against Same Side Wrist Grabs

    • Defence Against Opposite Side Wrist Grabs

    • Defence Against Both Wrists Being Grabbed

    • Breaking The Board With A Reverse Punch

  • 7

    Working Towards Your Fitness Requirements

    • Developing Technique To Do Full Push Ups

    • Developing Technique To Do Full Sit Ups

    • Developing Technique To Do Squats


Master David Venkatachellum

Chief Instructor

David Venkatachellum

Master David has nearly 40 years' experience in Martial Arts and over 20 years teaching it... He's an ex GB Team Member & 2014 Commonwealth Games Finalist. He was responsible for hosting the World Taekwondo Demonstration Team during the London 2012 Olympic Games. During this period he became a Guinness World Record Holder for holding the World's Largest Taekwondo Display. He will be taking you step by careful step through his very own unique syllabus which will give you a thorough understanding of traditional and modern Olympic style Taekwondo. You will also learn self defence techniques that are both easy and practical.

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